A sketch-style, Bootstrap-based
UI Kit for Sketch App.

Sketchframes is a UI kit for Sketch App, designed in a “sketch-style” with all Twitter Bootstrap components and extras as symbols. UI kit contains 25 artboards.

Why Sketchframes

Sketchframes was created in order to have a UI kit to design low-fidelity, high-integrity user interfaces early in the design process. Low-fidelity meaning quick to create and not too detailed or polished. High-integrity meaning looks and feels real enough to resemble a real user interface. This is useful as it allows you to get good feedback on UI designs early on in the design process.

Sketchframes Style

The style of the Sketchframes UI kit is like a really nice pen sketch. Sketchframes was in part created for people who want to create sketch-style UI’s but are not great at sketching. Here’s an example of some components.

Who Makes Sketchframes

Jess Eddy made Sketchframes. She considers herself a decent designer but not so decent at sketching, which is in part why she made Sketchframes. If you like Sketchframes, give her a shoutout on Twitter.